So, I really wanted that Grim Reaper Hood and the animal hats that came with those special editions of the game. What do? Dig into the game files, of course. Eureka! All of us have the items in our game files, but they aren’t enabled for all of us. I cloned them all, maybe some of you actually want the hot dog outfits.

These are all the CAS items from the Deluxe version of the game, apart from the face paint (S4 Mesh Tools hiccups when it clones the face paint). They will NOT have the additional functionalities, they’re only for show.


The items that don’t have the “male” or “female” prefix are unisex.

Please, if there are any problems whatsoever, I’ll be more than glad to help, just send me an ask. (Also, if I forgot any of the items, remind me, I’ll clone them.)



Ok, so… While I’m waiting for the game (2 days, *breathe*) I tried to re-create the cast of my beloved FRIENDS in the demo…. What do you think? What do I need to change? Phoebe and Joey are the moost difficult, I still have to figure out what I need to modify. 

Last I need to create some makeup and eyebows to match them exactly…